Current Status

Priority Commission: closed
Personal Commission: open
Commercial Commission: waitlist

Last Updated: 2024 Feb 18

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my terms of service.PRIORITY COMMISSIONS
skip the waitlist or order a commission with a deadline.
      Can be applied to both personal and commercial commissions.
      Includes a RUSH FEE and will take at least 2 weeks to complete.

      RUSH FEE: +50% total price
for personal/non-commercial use only.

includes commercial usage rights.
      Pricing varies depending on intended use (streaming/cover illustration, advertising, etc.) but will be at least x2 the original price.

General Terms

  • I retain all rights to my artwork

  • Visual references must be provided

  • Digital art only. No physical items will be shipped

  • Completion time: 1-6 months

Original charactersArmor/mecha
Mostly humanoidFurry/full animals
Minor injuryGore/body horror

personal/noncommercial usage

  • Non-profit use is ok with credit (e.g. icons, headers/banners, etc.)

  • Redistribution and/or creating personal merch is allowed.

  • Reselling/profiting using my artwork is not allowed.

  • You may not claim my artwork as your own.

  • No NFT or A.I./machine learning usage in any capacity.


  • Payments are only accepted through PayPal

  • All base prices are listed in USD and priced for personal use. Prices will increase depending on complexity and intended use.

  • Payments must be made up front*

    *Partial payments are accepted, but the queue order is dependent on when the total has been paid in full. Payment plans are available for orders over 1,000 USD.

    An invoice will be sent if your request is accepted. Failure to pay the invoice (without prior notice) in 48 hrs indicates a cancelation. There will be one reminder before this is enforced.

    If you're commissioning me through VGen, payment will be handled through VGen requests instead. Any available payment method on VGen is accepted.

Refund and Cancellation

Partial refunds are available under these circumstances:

  • Completion time exceeds maximum limit WITHOUT reason

  • There is a dire change in your financial situation

    Depending on the status of the commission, I will refund you accordingly. There are NO full refunds after payment.

    Please be resolute with your purchase before submitting a request.


I. Sending a Request

  1. Submit a request through the google form below or on VGen.

  2. Wait for a response. If I do not respond within a month, I will not be accepting your commission.

  3. Once the details are confirmed, I will send out an invoice using PayPal or accept your request on VGen.

  4. Your commission will be added to the queue once it has been paid.

II. Revisions

  • Thumbnailing: up to 2 major* revisions

  • Sketching and coloring: up to 2 minor** revisions each
    Suggestions prompted by me will not be considered one of the above revisions.

    Further changes requested by the client will be charged extra depending on the magnitude. NO edits will be made after finalization.

*e.g. changing the pose, perspective, lighting, background, etc.
**e.g. adding/editing small details that were incorrect from the original character design/concept.

III. Finalization

You will receive the completed commission through the email submitted in the request form.


Flat Sketch

A clean sketch with minimal shading and simplified details.

TypeBase Price
Bust80 USD
Halfbody120 USD
Fullbody150 USD


  • High resolution, watermarked PNG (~3000x3000px; 350 dpi)

  • Plain and/or transparent background

  • Personal/non-commercial usage rights


Extras (eg. tattoos, props, etc.)+ 25% base price
Additional Character+ 100% base price
Commercial Usage Rightsinquire


A fully rendered character illustration.

TypeBase Price
Bust300 USD
Halfbody450 USD
Fullbody600 USD


  • High resolution, watermarked PNG (~3000x3000px; 350 dpi)

  • Plain and/or simple background

  • Personal/non-commercial usage rights


Extras (eg. details, props, etc.)+ 25% base price
Scenic Background*+ 50% base price
Additional Character+ 100% base price
Commercial Usage Rightsinquire

*Disclaimer: I'm not confident in drawing backgrounds, but I can try if you're interested.

VTuber Model Art

Fully rendered and separated VTuber model art. Does NOT include rigging.May exceed the maximum completion time listed in ToS. Please include a deadline if necessary.

TypeBase Price
Bust1500 USD
Halfbody2000 USD
Fullbody3000 USD


  • High resolution PNG (~3000x6000px; 350 dpi)

  • Separated ready-to-rig PSD file

  • 3 sticker expressions of your choice (e.g. tears, vein pop, iris/pupil change, sweat drops, etc.)

  • Commercial streaming usage rights


Additional Expression+ 25~50 USD
Alternate Hands/Arms+ 50~100 USD
Naked Base (NO genitalia)+ 200~500 USD
Complex Design+ 250~1000 USD
Alternate Outfit/Hairstyle+ 500~1500 USD

Reference Sheet

Simply rendered character reference sheet including a fullbody, halfbody or bust, and a headshot. Does NOT include designing.Base Price: 500 USD


  • High resolution PNG (~4000x3000px; 350 dpi)

  • Plain background

  • Personal/non-commercial usage rights


Props/Accessories+ 10~100 USD
Additional Details+ 50~200 USD
Alternate Outfit+ 100~200 USD
Turnaround+ 500~600 USD

Surprise Me

A pay-what-you-want styled commission with no revisions or updates. Only available for personal/non-commercial commissions.Minimum Offer: 80 USD
The higher the price offer, the higher quality the result will be.


Not Started | Thumbnailing | Sketching | Lining | Coloring | Rendering | Finished

ZVTuber Model Art (Full) x1FinishedPAID
KeriaColored Sketch (Full) x1FinishedPAID
SandraFlat Lined (Half) x2FinishedPAID
MichelleColored Sketch (Bust) x1FinishedPAID
AtimmiFlat Lined (Bust) x1FinishedPAID
HakujadeSurprise Me! (VGen) x1FinishedPAID
SandrapendingNot Startedunpaid